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Villainesque Webcomics-

This may come as a bit of a shock, but there are other villain themed webcomics besides Villains & Heroes: Illustrations of Immorality out there. And perhaps even more surprising, some of these are actually pretty entertaining. I'm normally not the type to assist the competition, but I'm going to go ahead and offer you a couple of my personal recommendations (we villains should stick together... for now, Muahahaha!).

First we have The Antagonist, a cynical and subtly humorous webcomic about a villain who must deal with some of the more cruel and mundane elements of life. Villainy isn't always about dark, gaudy costumes and secret lairs, but as Neil Zawacki once said- "Listen, if being evil was easy everyone would do it".

Next we have Evil Inc., a comical look at the business of villainy. It goes without saying that we here at Twisted Jenius are great fans of corporate evil; so we may be a little bias in matters pertaining to malevolent industry.

And speaking of our personal bias and malevolent industry, you're going to be receiving a new installment of my favorite Villainesque web comic next week. Enjoy!

- False Prophet