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Real Life Super Villains

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Real Life Super Villains-

I recently heard about an interesting and growing phenomenon involving people donning costumes and becoming Real Life Superheroes. Although very entertaining on its own, this idea naturally caused me to wonder whether there existed an evil equivalent to these RLSH (besides yours truly, of course).

One rather Villainesque organization which seems to be committed to playing an adversarial role against these heroes is R.O.A.C.H. (ruthless organization against citizen heroes). They definitely seem to have the whole "league of evil" thing down; complete with branding, recruitment and official roach merchandise. You have to admire that.

On a more serious note, we have two lists of real criminals who would seem to fall under the category of "super villain" much more than would your average street thug. This first list features seven very famous historical bad guys and provides us with some possible comparisons to fictional super villains. - The Top 7 Real-life Super Villains of All-time

Incidentally, my favorite here is number one: Spring Heeled Jack. Although he's often featured in the volumes of parapsychology and related material, he certainly resembled a real life super villain; assuming that he actually existed, of course. This next list- 5 Real World Criminals Who Were Certified Super-Villains , consists of more recent criminals, a few of whom I had never heard of before.

Despite the content of the two lists above, I would like to point out that Twisted Jenius does not advocate, approve of or otherwise recommend criminal activity of any kind. Of course you know that our reasons for taking this position are purely self-serving and have nothing to do with a concern for morality. Plus, let's face it; most criminals are utterly worthless and unproductive idiots anyway. To paraphrase Howard Scott- "A criminal is a person with predatory instincts, who lacks the means to form a corporation." I agree completely. The most successful villains are the ones who manage to keep their evil just this side of legal.

- False Prophet