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The Universal AI Starter Kit

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The Universal AI Starter Kit-

For many months now, we have been occasionally making subtle mention of a major project that we have been engaged in. I'm going to tell you right now that this project that we have been working on is the first video game created by Twisted Jenius. However, I'm not going to go into specifics about the game itself right now (you can be damn sure that we're going to be discussing it to a nauseating extent here on the sellout page, when we are ready).

This post is about a product that came out of this larger game development project. The Universal AI Starter Kit is an AI system that was programmed by my accomplice Vicious, to be used in our game. However, as an afterthought we realized that this would make a good product for other game developers that are using the same game engine (Torque) that the AI was programmed for.

We have signed an exclusive contract with GarageGames, the makers of the Torque Game Engine, to sell The Universal AI Starter Kit as a product in their developer's store. For anyone who is currently using Torque, or who is thinking about it, I recommend checking out The Universal AI Starter Kit as it is currently the best and most versatile resource for AI that is currently available to Torque users. And I can tell you that aside from its practical usage, it's just a lot of fun to mess with!

- False Prophet