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"I Choose Knowledge" Poster

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"I Choose Knowledge" Poster-

The second poster in our Predator or Victim line is "I Choose Knowledge", and depicts a green snake strategically placed in an apple tree; symbolizing Luciferian wisdom (it goes without saying that intelligence, by its very nature, is evil).

There have been several people that have told me that they thought it was the snake himself that was saying "I Choose Knowledge". While this is a valid interpretation, I actually intended the statement to be coming from the onlooker (you), as a reaction to the snake's presence. You're excepting the snake's rather generous offer.

The snake in the picture was inspired by a real species called the temple viper (Tropidolaemus wagleri), or sometimes called Wagler's Viper. The temple viper is a venomous, tree dwelling species that gets its common name from the fact that a multitude of these snakes can be found in a somewhat infamous Buddhist temple in Malaysia known as The Snake Temple; or sometimes called "Temple of the Azure Cloud". These snakes are considered holy and are welcome residents of the temple.

Although I realize that Buddhism is a "good guy" religion, from the standpoint of a westerner living in a predominantly Christian society, there's something delightfully blasphemous about worshiping and keeping several thousand serpents in such a religious space. This is one of several reasons why I decided to use a temple viper as an inspiration for the poster; another being that I just think it's a very cool looking snake!

- False Prophet