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More Evil Internet Links-

The dark forces continue to extend their reach over the web and I think that we have found another site which is very villainous. Villainsource is exactly the type of web site that I love. It's entertaining, humorous and stacked to the mutated gills with evil content. This is the sort of site that I feel really inspires a Villainesque outlook. The Preserved Brain of Josef Mengele (the web master of this site) obviously had way too much fun creating this "source for everything evil" and I for one am glad that he did! You can expect to find this site included in our Villain Links shortly.

And on a slightly different note, we have a site about stock market speculation. Evil stock market speculation! Evil Speculator is a serious financial blog, giving you "short term market updates several times a week" and they do it with an evil theme. I admit that I'm not into financial markets very much at all, but I do know that evil and money go nicely together. And since everyone is so eager to demonize the fine folks on Wall Street; having "evil" speculators around seems appropriate. But don't worry, the authors of this site assure us that they are only evil during trading hours.

- False Prophet