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Comical Depictions of Muhammad

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Comical Depictions of Muhammad-

For several years now, there has been a controversy surrounding the idea of visually depicting the Islamic prophet, Muhammad. Needless to say, I have absolutely no sympathy for those who side with any Islamic interests that wish to stifle any representation or visual mockery of Muhammad; in fact, I loathe them (and I applaud the makers of South Park, for having the balls that so few others seem to have). The idea that even nonbelievers should have to obey these kinds of rules, offends my secular sensibilities. If Islamists don't want to depict their prophet in their own material, that's fine. But to expect everyone else to comply with that is just ludicrous.

This is especially true because Islam in general should be scrutinized and, in my opinion, ridiculed. It certainly shouldn't be immune from such scrutiny. And as a godless, materialist westerner, I find that religion to be particularly repulsive. However, what truly bothers me is the fact that so many others in western society seem to want to respect the wishes of these people and their detestable desire for religious-based censorship. I'm not sure whether the motivation for this is fear of violent retribution or some sickening sense of political correctness. Regardless, it's important not to allow the followers of this vile religion to have their way. Giving them what they want will not grant us any power over them.

Make no mistake, images have power and they know it! This is undoubtedly the true reason why they try so hard to maintain control over any depictions of Muhammad (whether they consciously acknowledge this or not). Imagery is a great propaganda mechanism and can be very degrading and demoralizing towards its target. This is a very good thing. The more that we can break Islam down and cause them to compromise their religious/cultural standards; the more they're likely to integrate into secular society. This type of integration is the enemy of all spiritual religion and the western media should use that to their advantage. With any luck, there will come a day when the vast, vast majority of Muslims will resemble most people who identify themselves as "Christians" in the U.S. (meaning in name only).

If you think about it, many Islamic extremists greatly resemble common criminal gangs. They're essentially desperate losers who don't possess much of anything of true value (religious delusion and fictional gods do not count). But like other gangs, the one thing that they do have is pride. 1%er bikers consider their "colors" or patches, to be a physical manifestation of their pride. They protect those colors with their lives because that's all that they really have. The same is true with Islamic extremists and their religion.

This is why we should not cater to their desperate desire for religious respect. If pride is all that they really have, then western media should do all that we can to take it from them. Only then will they be in a position to need to fill the vacant hole left in their lives; by (figuratively and literally) buying our stuff instead.

- False Prophet