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Dead Space 2 is Copying Us!

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Dead Space 2 is Copying Us!-

Outrage! The first screen shot of Dead Space 2 has been released and it features bloody lettering scrolled onto a padded cell wall (top right corner of the image). Dead Space, that's our shtick; get your own! It's been our logo since we first launched this site in 2006! You will pay for this treachery!

The fact that we're not even on Visceral Games radar because they're an AAA developer owned by EA and we're an obscure, niche web site that they in all likelihood don't even realize exists; is no excuse! They've obviously copied us, being naturally envious of our brilliance. We have a game in the works which features that sort of thing as well; and despite being completely ignorant of this fact, they are obviously trying to get the jump on us. They're trying to keep us from completely cornering the bloody-cell-pad-market. Fools!

So, Visceral Games, do you know how Twisted Jenius handles such interlopers? Well, neither do I; but you can be damn sure that we're going to have a couple of meetings to determine some policies about this. And then you'll see...

- False Prophet