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Selling Our Souls

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Selling Our Souls-

Sometimes we must compromise our deepest personal preferences in order to placate the consumerist beast. For anyone who has been following this site for the last few years, you may have noticed that it has been slowly taking on certain elements and changes which cause it to resemble other, more standard web sites. This is something that I briefly talked about in our very first Sell Out Copy. The reason that we have been making these changes is quite simple-because they've consistently proven to be more profitable!

Now we've taken Selling Out to another level and have done something that I was honestly very reluctant to do. Twisty, our site's mascot who has prominently graced the Welcome page since day one, is no longer there. Despite the fact that I personally loved seeing him every time I opened my Internet browser, it seems that many people were turned off by the image of the large, disembodied brain with a razor toothed grin staring them in the face at the moment that they entered the site.

Another consideration is that that place on the Welcome page is a pretty important piece of real estate, from an Internet standpoint. Although I think that he looked really cool sitting there, that's normally the place where people would expect to find important information such as site updates. Needless to say, I was aware of this fact but I'd hoped to get away with doing things a little bit differently. However, being too different or too creative can be a liability in business. Some innovation is essential but it must be done in a certain way and in a controlled fashion. Make things too different and it just freaks people out.

I expect that most people will like this change and I must admit that it is significantly more practical and functional than the way we used to have it (you can now see our site updates from the moment that you log on, instead of having to scroll down). For those of you who liked it the other way, don't fret, Twisty is still our mascot and you will continue to see him around various parts of the site (not to mention we're creating an entire game with him as the protagonist). He's always lurking...

- False Prophet