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Evil as a Lifestyle Choice

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Evil as a Lifestyle Choice-

I am freak'n loving this site! For anyone who has spent much time on, you know how passionate I can be about the Villainesque lifestyle. And now there is a site which is devoted specifically to that concept. Evil as a Lifestyle Choice is one of the most excellent examples of what I've been talking about, ever!

One thing that I encourage you to do is check out some of the Overlord's The Evil Challenge series of posts. There are so many things here that I've often thought (and probably should have written more about myself; curses!). There are a few delightfully sinister items that I particularly agree with; I'd like to point out in this series of posts.

In Day Five: Present Yourself, she says of villainous clothing "Put together an everyday uniform, something You can wear to feel sinister while going to the grocery store. It doesn't have to be too over the top, just remain in character." I've come to this exact same conclusion myself and I feel that it's definitely necessary for a Villainesque lifestyle. In my case, a black suit serves this purpose nicely.

Day Seven: Dealing with Naysayers, has some excellent advice for not just dealing with naysayers, but people in general. This is some wonderfully practical, down to earth evil and I'm truly impressed.

Day Eight: The Importance of Solitude is the best one yet and is completely true. I must admit that I'm a bit envious of this post, as this is exactly the kind of helpful information that I sometimes like to include in my Evil Rants.

I really can't say enough good (evil) things about this site and it would make this post way too long for me to even try. My favorite thing is the darkly positive approach that this site takes. Towards the end of my Why Villainesque? Rant, which I wrote three years ago, I predicted that we would see more of this villainous lifestyle idea in action. It looks as though my little prophecy may be coming to pass and I couldn't be happier about that!

Don't be surprised to see this site added to our Villain Links in the future.

- False Prophet