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Twisted Jenius is 9 years old today!

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Twisted Jenius is 9 years old today!-

It was 9 years ago today that begin spreading it's dark vision of weird and villainous entertainment to the world (that's got to be half a century in Internet time). In that time we've done a lot of stuff and accumulated quite a lot of content on the site and this coming year you can expect to see even more from us.

For starters, we will be releasing the remastered edition of our first game Twisty's Asylum Escapades on the Steam platform. And you can expect to see a lot more from our second video game project Reptile Zoo: The Sinister Mutation, which we have already begun developing and will continue working on after the release of Asylum Escapades (be sure to follow along with our game developer blog of madness for news on that). We also have more Dark Musings coming in the next few months, ands there's a chance that you may even get to see more of our fiendishly insightful Evil Rants (articles).

I'd be remiss not to mention that friend of the site and creator of the webcomic The Snail Factory, Ari Bach, also has some stuff coming up. The third installment of his Valhalla sci-fi trilogy of books will be released later this month and he may have another equally compelling project that he's working on and will undoubtedly update you about on his tumblr blog when it's time.

There's a lot going on and I have some very high hopes for this year. If you'd like to stay updated on all of our latest schemes and plots, you can follow us on our twitter, tumblr or just go to the source, the enduring and irrepressibly evil!

- False Prophet