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Ari Bach Announces Jealous Gods

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Ari Bach Announces Jealous Gods-

Ari Bach, the artist and writer responsible for The Snail Factory webcomic which is featured on Twisted Jenius, as well as the author of the Valhalla trilogy of books, has announced that he is going to be making a film called Jealous Gods.

Jealous Gods is described as "a college comedy with a twist" and centers on three students who get their wishes granted, with chaotic results. With its origins as a superhero spoof, the film promises biting satire and an examination of the realistic tendencies of people to act corrupt when given extraordinary power.

Jealous Gods begins shooting in early 2016 and casting is currently in progress in Colorado. Ari Bach is writer and director of the film. You can find out more at his tumblr blog about the project.

- False Prophet