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A Villain's Views

Why Villainesque?
    Here I explain the concept of the villainesque genre / lifestyle and my reasons for creating and popularizing this idea. This is what Twisted Jenius is all about!

The Power of Disbelief
    In this rant we explore the numerous, yet often unrecognized benefits to being an atheist and becoming your own god.

Dissatisfaction and Improving Your Existence
    Here I expose a few of the insidious social mechanisms which may be stifling your success. The first step in overcoming an obstacle is to recognize that it's there.

Dark Comedies- Part Two: The Continuation
    I provide you with some examples and analysis of a few specific dark comedies, and throw in a bit of my own shady humor while I'm at it.

Dark Comedies- Part One
    In this article, we take a look at what elements make up a good dark / black comedy and examine how to best interpret movies of this genre.

Great Wall of Stupidity
    In this rant we discover that many people actually choose to believe irrational things and indulge in self delusion on a massive scale in order to avoid unpleasant truths.

The Anti Cowboy
    Here, we examine the relationship between the common man and his heroes, and compare that to the standards of villainy. What makes people buy into all of that "good guy" stuff, anyway?

Ambition and Asking "Why not me?"
    In this article, I provide you with some sinister encouragement as well as some examination into the psychology of ambition and achieving success. It's time to get those forces of darkness working for you.

Villain Speak
    Villainous linguistics! With a fun list of villainesque words and phrases.

The Horrors of Guilt
    A dark look at the emotion which we call guilt and it's socially and psychologically destructive nature.

Despising the Human Element
    In this article I reaffirm my love of entertainment and reveal some of my stronger opinions about it.

Fear, Ego & Stimulation
    In this rant, we examine human motivation and what causes people to think, act, buy and believe the things / ways that they do.

Explanation of "The New Goodness"
    Here I provide a more in depth examination of the concept which I call the new goodness and how this idea can better help you to understand the current social views on morality.

Essay on Villain Archetypes- Part Two
    In part two, we continue to look at different villain archetypes and compare these to any real world equivalents they might have.

Essay on Villain Archetypes- Part One
    This is an examination of basic fictional villain types, intended to give us some insight into the nature of real villainy and how it's perceived.

Fair Fight
    Here I offer some ideas about rules and fair play, from a villain's perspective.

    Some thoughts on the importance of one's surroundings and environment as well as my own preferences and views on the matter.

    In this rant, I give you some insight into this most important human motivation and you will discover how fear helps to determine a lot about a person and how you might use that information to better analyze others.

Night People
    Here I offer an examination of decisively nocturnal lifestyles, and the attitudes that must company them.

Entertainment vs. Art
    In this rant we explore the basic perceptions of art and entertainment as well as how we might judge the two based on their own, individual merits; to the benefit of both.

Science, Reality & Other Junk- Part Two
    In part two, I share some general tips and principles that I've picked up through the years, which you can apply to benefit your own life.

Science, Reality & Other Junk- Part One
    Giving you a little bit more background on my personal beliefs and philosophical development, for purposes of assisting you along your sinister path.

Why I Dislike Dogs
    Some thoughts on man's best friend, from a uniquely villainous point of view.

Passion for Entertainment
    Here I offer some of my own thoughts and perspectives on the topic of the entertainment and its significance in both our own psychology and our culture.

The Myth of Goodness
    I expose many of the numerous problems with the idea of good (and by extension evil) and give you some insight into the perception of goodness versus the practical reality of it.

Rebelling: Pros & Cons
    Here we explore various aspects of social rebellion, and get a better understanding of the benefits and drawbacks involved with being really different

Apathy is Bliss
    In this rant, I show you how a certain level of "not caring" is essential to happiness and how apathy might help you to improve your life.

Concepts of Evil - Part Two
    We continue our examination of evil, and discover why certain things might be given that designation by some people. Part two deals primarily with fear as well as social deviancy.

Concepts of Evil - Part One
    This is a basic primer on the general idea of evil; as well as an explanation of how we will be thinking of that exceptionally powerful word in future rants. Part one deals primarily with ideas about selfishness.

Why Villainy?
    I believe that some introductions are in order. I'll give you some background as to where I'm coming from as well as let you know what you can expect from these articles.

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