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Evil Robots

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Evil Robots-

Nothing proves that Science is a Dick quite like evil robots, and nothing is more Villainesque. Robots are an important element of villainy, and so for starters, we have a list of videos featuring some of the Best Evil Robots from various media.

Next we have a page dedicated to the behind the scenes creation of one of the most infamous evil robots in cinematic history, and one of my personal favorites; ED-209. This visually intimidating and humorously malfunctioning antagonist has become somewhat of an icon and with good reason. There's just something very cool and memorable about him.

Of course robots aren't just for the movies anymore, and for any aspiring mad scientists out there, here's a site which features all kinds of interesting robotic devices, at different levels of complexity, which can be purchased for fun and evil. And to make things even more interesting, there's some new robotics technology on the horizon such as this A.R. Drone. Having a smart phone app to command your army of flying drones, makes it much more convenient to unleash terror from the skies!

I leave you now with a bit of nostalgia, an old Toonami Promo which speaks of this topic with the delightfully threatening eloquence that it deserves. I loved these Toonami Promos; "advanced robotics" indeed!

- False Prophet